Spectrobes; The Ancient Ship

The Ancient Starship being reactivated.

The Ancient Starship is a massive stone ship built by the ancients living in Nanairo, powerful enough to reach the distant sixth and seventh planets in the galaxy, Himuro and Meido. It makes up a portion of the ruins found on Nessa.

The starship appears to draw its immense power from the three Spectrobe Properties, embodied in the form of three artifacts called Keystones. It resembles a group of double-sided pyramids, similar to the ancient satellite over Fons, which is also heavily dependent on the three properties.



Rallen travels through the ruins on Nessa to find one of the three Keystones for Cyrus.

Later, Rallen must obtain the three Keystones in order to power the starship. After placing the three Keystones where they belong and connecting the starship to their Patrol Cruiser, Rallen and Jeena can fly the Ancient Starship, gaining access to the sixth and seventh planets.

Spectrobes: Beyond the PortalsEdit

The Ancient Starship is docked on the service bay on Kollin's rings, inhabited by Aldous as he studies the ancient technology. During this time, Maja invades the ship, knocking Aldous unconscious and commandeering the ship, flying it through a portal.

When Rallen and Jeena arrive on the hollowed-out portion of Nox, they find the remains of the Ancient Starship after it crashed into the planet, as a result of the struggle between Maja and Aldous.

While on Nox, however, Rallen and Jeena discover plans for a ship resistant to the power of the Dynalium, created by the ancients. As it turns out, the ship built as a result resembles a smaller version of the Ancient Starship.

As the ship built is the result of the Ancient ship parts, this configuration can be switched out at any time.

Spectrobes: OriginsEdit

In Spectrobes: Origins, the Dynalium-resistant ship appears as Rallen and Jeena's patrol cruiser. Later, it is seen that Commander Grant's ship is also built in this style.

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