Awakening (覚醒, kakusei) is a process in which Spectrobes in their Fossil form are revived to their Child form using the sound of a Spectrobe Master's voice. The details of the system differ from game to game, but the concept of a Spectrobe Master commanding a Spectrobe to awaken are similar, even in the webisodes.


Spectrobes Awakening

Awakening a fossil.

The first game makes use of the Nintendo DS microphone to detect a player's voice. A voice meter is displayed at the bottom screen, with a Start button. One of two conditions must be fulfilled after pressing the button to successfully awaken the Spectrobe:

  • If a purple bar is shown, the player's voice must match or exceed the volume required for three seconds.
  • If a bracket is shown, the volume of the player's voice must be within both the maximum and minimum limits for three seconds.

After successful awakening, the player is given the choice to name the Spectrobe. If the player obtains the Rho cube, an optional feature called 'Color Awakening' will be unlocked, allowing the pitch of the player's voice to affect the Custom Color of the Spectrobe. Note: It is only in this game that a Spectrobe may come equipped with a Custom Part after awakening, the chances of which this occurs depending on the amount of minergy left in the fossil after excavation.

Spectrobes: Beyond the PortalsEdit

BTP - Awaken 2

In the second game, the awakening process is generally the same, except for the fact that custom parts do not come attached to fossils. The only way to obtain these parts now is via a mystery stone, from excavation.

Spectrobes: OriginsEdit

Origins - Awaken

In the third game of the series, awakening no longer uses the player's voice as the game does not make use of any microphone attachments. Rather, the player must shake either the Wiimote or Nunchuk extension in the order displayed on the screen: blue quaver notes indicate the Wiimote is to be shaken, whereas pink notes mean the Nunchuk should be shaken. It should be noted that a Spectrobe's custom colors cannot be obtained via this method.