"Back For More" is the fourteenth and final overall episode of the Spectrobes video series.


Rallen learns the hard way about the importance of teamwork.


Maja is on Genshi, marveling at the mine of Ruby minerals she has found, stating that it is "Enough for a hundred armies!" However, just as she is about to grab one, Rallen blasts it, sending out Rydrake and Leozar. Unimpressed that he is using the same Spectrobes against her, she once again sends Pinorska after them, and once again they are easily defeated. However, Jeena arrives and blasts Pinorska right as it attempts to attack Rallen. She then fires down something for him, which turn out to be Custom Parts for Rydrake and Leozar. With their new powers the Spectrobes are able to defeat Pinorska, which turns back into a Spipod. Maja shows concern, but then states that she didn't care for it, also stating that she let him win. She then flies off back into space. Jeena shows up to see Rallen appear to be crying, but it is then revealed that he is laughing, bragging to himself. Jeena states that they both defeated the Krawl. Rallen then states that he is the Spectrobe Master, but Jeena states that without her Customized Parts they would have lost; the entire time, Komainu is looking on at the audience.



  • The YouTube description for this episode is the exact same as that of the previous episode.


Spectrobes webisodes, Episode 14 Back for More03:23

Spectrobes webisodes, Episode 14 Back for More

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