• ExpertExtra

    Hello guys. I love Spectrobes, and Beyond the Portals is a game I've been trying to 100% for ages, but there are two obstacles to my progress in the form of Custom Parts that to my knowledge the codes for have never been discovered. Those parts are:

    Rydrake's Attack Part, which according to sources is the Rychain (Rydrake Edge) 

    and Kibatekka's Attack Part, which I know absolutely NOTHING about.

    I also have to get a part for Chugyo, but I likely just missed that one and I'll just go get it later.

    I was wondering if anyone had ANY knowledge on these parts whatsoever. I've seen some forum posts saying people excavated the Rydrake Part from Nessa, can anyone confirm this before I waste my time trying to find it. 

    As for Kibatekka, I have no clue w…

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  • Jpunke12

    Hello, I've just started planning out a let's play of the Spectrobes franchise, but I want to do an in depth version (kind of the Chuggaaconroy treatment if you will).  However, finding reliable data has been hard, and while there is some great and extremely helpful stuff on this site, not all of it is complete.  So, I was wondering if someone could help me fill in some of the information gaps, or teach me how to get this info from the games myself?  I need any useful info available on each the Krawl varieties (maybe HP, type, and ATK?).  I'd also need to know how to obtain in game pictures, or even fan art of the Spectrobes with there custom colors and/or custom parts.  It would also be great if I could find more info about each custom pa…

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  • C Man101

    Easy awakening

    February 22, 2016 by C Man101

    I haven't played in a few years, and im having trouble awakening the spectrobes with the bar at the begining, does anybody know of any tricks to do them?

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  • AsithFTW

    Test your Knowlege!?

    October 18, 2015 by AsithFTW

    Its been awhile since I've revisted the Spectrobes wiki, and unfortunately, it seems the whole Spectrobes community is slowly dying! I really dont want this to happen, so I've made something to peek your interest...

    Have you heard of Quizup ? Its a huge community of people who want to spread their knowledge of the things they love, by participating in head to head quizes on certain topics. Now, I have created a Spectrobes Topic in Quizup! Its only just begun, but I hope the Spectrobes community can help spark this topic up. Trusted members of the wiki that join quizup will also be given Adminship/Editing permissions. If you want to test your inner geek, or simply help Spectrobes take a step back into popularity, then join the topic here!

    ~Good Lu…

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  • Volvotaur


    April 22, 2015 by Volvotaur

    When are you going to release the fourth game, since the Origins game showed Krux like figure in the ice.

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  • Brandon Pow

    Just a simple inquiry to all users. Would it be better for the Spectrobes Wiki to switch to Message Walls here or stick with Talk Pages? Voting will be open for a week.

    • New look, with threads separated by profile images (and enclosed by speech bubbles)
    • Notification system specifies the exact thread replied to, instead of the generic "new messages" notification

    • Does not work with Mobile skin at the moment, may deter mobile users from commenting

    • Full Wikia-style page
    • Easy to archive (copy-paste all content to archive page)

    • Messages dropped using Mobile skin appear at the very top of the page, instead of the bottom

    Because polls can be done without IP recognition, use the comment system to vote. Thank you.

    (Anyways, for fun, I'll put this here.)

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  • PartHunter

    Message Walls

    November 14, 2014 by PartHunter

    I suggest that this wiki should use message walls instead of talk pages, as message walls seperate each topic into a module that is monitored for replies, meaning that both the message and the reply to it appear on the same page, and the mediawiki software can send a message notification to the user when they are on any wikia wiki. This also makes discussions involving 3 or more users easier to follow, and this change may cause talk pages for articles to become comments lists at the bottom of the article that have the selective notification feature of the message walls as well (not too sure if the change to comments from talk pages is part of message walls, an optional expansion of message walls or completly seperate).

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  • Pokemasterss

    Spectrobe Fanon Wiki

    September 3, 2014 by Pokemasterss

    The Spectrobe Fanon Wiki pages population was getting low. Please need help.

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  • Brandon Pow

    Parser Functions

    September 9, 2013 by Brandon Pow

    If you visit the Grilda and Vilar pages right now, you'll notice there's a small section called 'Search Radius' in the infobox, at the lowest section. That's called a parser row; it's a parser function made to hide a row when there's no data in it.

    So go ahead and add the search radius to the other Child Spectrobes, because it's now possible. Any suggestions as to what other hidden rows we could add?

    Admins, Template:! is now protected from anonymous editing as it is crucial to the template. Also, all it contains is a pipe (), so there's not much to see there.

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  • Brandon Pow

    Everyone, feel free to comment or anything; if no comments are made, the default action for each topic will be done.

    1. So Tmason101 has found a source of pictures with official 3D art. Now he wants to keep it a secret, but I don't see why he should (anyways, if you want the source, you could always ask directly). And it's all beautifully loaded in a Flash file. The problem is, this file is only 300-over kilobytes large and it uses listener text, which means data is securely downloaded from the servers somewhere in Japan. (We can't get the pictures out.)

    The SWF file's contents have ben extracted here, if you'd like to take a look:

    Anyways, the pictures there are just beautiful. And …

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  • Brandon Pow

    Yes, this is one of those thank-you blog posts.

    Thank you all very much for sticking with me for such a long time~
    I just felt I had to say this somehow, as I think you all are just awesome when it comes to keeping this place alive and well. I'm sure there are times when you felt like giving up on this wiki (especially those times last year when almost nothing new came in), but still you're here. And I am very glad you all didn't bail out then!

    Now for some history. The web archive for our wiki on July 7th, 2007 shows this:

    In its infancy, pre-Oasis time, we had 2 articles. Fast-forward 3 years, and we have over 3 hundred.

    And now look at us. We've come so far, haven't we?

    And none of this would take place if we didn't set our goals straight. So…

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  • Tmason101

    My Blog

    August 9, 2013 by Tmason101

    This is my blog.

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  • Brandon Pow

    Arts and Stuff

    July 15, 2013 by Brandon Pow

    Hey, all! It's me, Brandon, with a new module for all of you artists out there:

    So, most of you may have realised there's a fan art thingy going on, where I open a character subpage to just 'dump' everything like screenshots, fan art and videos where people can click and view stuff. So, if you're an artist who'd like to contribute to this portal (as long as it's canon art; no original characters allowed since there's another wiki for that), drop me an email with your written permission at the following address:

    Once uploaded, your art will appear in the portal and you can requst to take it down if you want to. If there are 2 characters in there, both character portals will have the image. However, please don't go sending me pictres of all 10…

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  • Brandon Pow

    All right, so most of you out there know Wikia has come up with a killer way to get audiences to our Wiki. It's called the Game Guides app. Basically it pulls data from all Wikia pages into an ad-free format for Android and iOS devices. I've tried it out, and it's really cool! The fact that you can search for anything is a powerful crowd-puller.

    Now, I need you guys to look at the Game Guides registry for the Spectrobes Wiki (en). ...that's us. No cover pictures, right? No description, either. For now, all we have is:

    Spectrobes Wiki is a community site that anyone can contribute to. Discover, share and add your knowledge!

    That can be changed if an administrator goes to the Special:Promote page and drop something or two there. As an added bon…

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  • Brandon Pow


    March 9, 2013 by Brandon Pow
    - Click to view, I guess.

    I made a favicon for this wiki based on the database icon in Spectrobes: Origins. Does it look okay? Hopefully the admins will consider using this image to replace the generic one we use now.

    ...otherwise, are there any suggestions? This wiki deserves to look good. Let me know if you have an idea, and I'll make another icon.

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  • Brandon Pow

    1. Browsing through the many entries of Spectrobes on this wiki, I found many inconsistencies with the image file used. Some used official 2D artwork, some used screen captures and others used fan art. Is there a rule that we can adhere to if given a choice?

    (On my part, I use 3D models for images whenever there isn't any picture at all, since they already look so good in the Spectrobes: Origins database. Examples can be found on the Dongu and Rapagu page.)

    2. Who would like the start page of Spectrobes: Origins as the background picture for this wikia? (I'm not admin level... So if it does happen, it couldn't be my doing.)

    I can only do my part in supplying screenshots and models from the games, if requested.

    Brandon Pow (talk) 10:17, Februar…

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  • Genesismax

    more 3d renderss

    October 29, 2012 by Genesismax

    got that other picture to upload wooooooooooooo :)

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  • Genesismax

    old concept

    October 29, 2012 by Genesismax

    I added any old picture of what spectrobes was going to be like back in 2005. I the ended to concept of the spectrobes was brought to japan and it was changed to what we see today.

    I also added a 3d render picture of rallen from the webisodes. I'll add some more but is having trouble I'll try later/

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  • Valentin 98

    Dear Spectrobes Wiki members,

    The Spectrobes Wiki Chat is now open so that you can all interact with each other on there more easily. However, we must follow certain rules to keep it appropriate and fun (in case):

    • NO cursing, cussing, etc. Cursing/cussing will not be tolerated. Chat must kept appropriate.
    • NO pornography, nudity, and/or any inappropriate sexual images/content. That will not be tolerated at all.
    • NO spam, such as repeating something over and over too much, writing random words like "kfldjfdo" or something like that more than once, and advertisements (including links to them). Talking about off-topic things (except inapprorpiate content, see above) IS allowed.
    • NO harassment, bullying, racism, and etc. That will NOT be tolerated for…
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  • Kominoto8080


    February 25, 2012 by Kominoto8080

    Can this wiki have chat or me be an admin?

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  • Kominoto8080

    I'm quitting Wikia and there might be a way to stop me from doing this but the only way to do this is to have one person to say not to go.

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  • Megarallen


    December 5, 2011 by Megarallen

    does anyone know where i can get an omega cube on the first spectrobes game. also what does it do?

    if you can help i would be very thankful.

    by megarallen

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  • Gorberus


    December 23, 2010 by Gorberus

    Joke of the day: I HAVE HACKED GORBERUS'S ACCOUNT! HAHA! No wait.... I'm Gorberus. Never mind.

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  • Gorberus


    December 20, 2010 by Gorberus

    Comin' in sick today, but you know what they say, always rest when you're sick. What better place to rest but in front of the computer!

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  • Gorberus

    Scratch that!

    December 20, 2010 by Gorberus

    You know, blogs can be used for more than rants.... How's about a joke of the day calendar!

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  • Gorberus

    First and last post

    November 26, 2010 by Gorberus

    Blogs are nothing but trouble. This is my first and last post.

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  • Pikness34

    Fanon wiki

    August 23, 2010 by Pikness34

    I made A fanon counterpart of this wiki


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  • TheHachi

    A Real Sort Out

    May 31, 2010 by TheHachi

    Right, I have been visiting Spectrobes Wiki for a while and I am not impressed by the way you lot keep the articles. It looks lazy and makes almost no sense. So I have been editing the articles so that others can get the info they need. My friend, Ose, is an Admin on Spore Wiki and has been keeping the articles clean and tidy. I want to do that with this Wiki. But I can't do it on my own, I need help from fellow users on this Wiki.

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