The CH Gauge is a gauge that can be filled in battle in Spectrobes and Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals. It measures the amount of CH Energy accumulated in battle, which can be used to launch CH Attacks and Combination Attacks, and to use Geos.


CH Gauge 1

The CH Gauge is charged by holding the A button down in battle. It has four segments, and each segment is a unit of CH Energy for the cost of CH Attacks, Geo use and Combination Attacks. The rate it charges is determined by the CH speed of the Spectrobes in battle, the CH speed boost/cut from the support Spectrobes and if any multi-stroke command Spectrobes are set to charge (A button command). The cost of a CH Attack is specific to the Spectrobe using it, coming at 1, 2 or 3 units. Using a Geo always costs 3 units, and the Combination Attack costs all four units. The charging sound heightens in pitch as more CH energy is accumulated. CH Energy can still be charged even if the command gauge is not full, like using the Glove to attack (while still holding down the A button). The CH Energy accumulated in battle is used in CH Mode (Y button).

Spectrobes: Beyond the PortalsEdit

CH Gauge 2

The CH Gauge looks different, and it can no longer be charged by holding down the A button. Instead, it charges slightly when the main Spectrobe launches an ordinary attack (A button), charging by a greater degree if the attack hits a foe. It does not charge when the support Spectrobe attacks, nor does it charge if either Spectrobe receives damage. The meter has a portion at the end that is darker, which can be charged, but is not nessesary for any use of CH Energy, exept spectrobe revival. CH Attacks (B) only use up the amount of energy up to the colour change, leaving any extra energy in the Gauge, while the Combination Attack (Y) uses up all the energy stored (including the excess above minimum usage). The more energy remaining in the darker end section of the gauge when a Combination Attack is executed, the stronger it is. If a Geo is equipped and Geo use is allowed, the Geo will activate instead of the Combination Attack.

The CH Gauge also has another use in the second game: if the secondary Spectrobe's HP is depleted, the main Spectrobe can revive it by moving to the place where it fell (marked by a glowing pink orb) and pressing the Y button with a fully filled CH Gauge, including a full exess. The marker is solid, and can be slowly pushed across the battlefield.

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