"Call Me Aldous" is the fourth episode in the Spectrobes web series, used to promote the game series.


"Rallen and Jeena meet Aldous, and learn about the Spectrobes: The Creatures of the Light."


The survivor is having flashbacks, seeing vortexes apparently containing creatures called Krawl attacking a location known as Giorna. He then sees himself on his ship, attempting to reach "Spectrobes" before the Krawl do, though it explodes and crashes.

Outside the pod, Rallen and Jeena see that the man is awakening; the object on Rallen's arm then reacts as he places his hand on the pod, opening it as the man awakes and sits up. Rallen and Jeena then introduce themselves to the man, informing him that they have answered his distress beacon, that his ship has crashed, and that now he is safe, though the man remarks that nobody is safe "until the Krawl are defeated." He then sees the object on Rallen's arm and asks where he got it; Rallen informs him that he found it in the wreckage, and that "it just snapped into place." The man then introduces himself as Aldous, and informs them that the object Rallen has found is called a Prizmod, telling them that it controls the Spectrobes, "the creatures of the light." Rallen states that he believes to have seen them in the vortex; Aldous, surprised, asks that he tell him everything. Rallen then states that there were other creatures in the vortex as well; Aldous informs them that those creatures are Krawl, "the creatures of the dark," and that Rallen has taken the first step in becoming a Spectrobe Master (which he brags to Jeena about). Aldous then informs them that even now the Krawl are preparing a full-scale assault on the Nanairo system; as he says this, it shows a masked man next to a massive Krawl, sending numerous vortexes through a portal.


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Spectrobes webisodes, Episode 4 Call Me Aldous02:25

Spectrobes webisodes, Episode 4 Call Me Aldous

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