Corona is a property that exists in Spectrobes and Beyond the Portals. It is replaced by the Fire property in Spectrobes: Origins. Spectrobes and Krawl of this ability generally rely on burning attacks, with attack animations based on fire. The Aurora on the Table Top mountains on Daichi in Spectrobes does not damage Corona property spectrobes or Rallen wearing a Corona property Suit.


On Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals, there are several minerals that are especially benefical to Corona properties. These minerals are Coronium A+, Coronium A, Coronium B, Coronium C, and Coronium S.

List of SpectrobesEdit

Normal SpectrobesEdit

Dark SpectrobesEdit


  • Although Shimainu, Shimanoto and Shimadoros are of the Corona property in Beyond the Portals, they are reassigned the Earth property in Origins. No other Spectrobe family has this arrangement.

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