Cosmo Axe
Cosmo Axe 3D
Clear Small
ATK +14
Single swing
Attack Effect
Status Effect
Extra Effect
Break guard

The Cosmo Axe is a sword-like Clear weapon available in Spectrobes: Origins. It is the first Axe found while playing through the game. The entire weapon has some design similarities with the other Cosmo weapons in which it has a dominant single-coloured theme and the symbolic hexagonal mark (situated at the base of the blade).


The Cosmo Axe increases either Rallen's or Jeena's ATK by 25 points, whoever equips it in battle. It can only be swung once and deals greater damage than a Cosmo Sword, but takes an entire second to set up, causing the player to be completely vulnerable to attacks from the back or sides. That being said, the player will not flinch or be knocked back while an attack with the Cosmo Axe is partially through its swing.

Role in Spectrobes: OriginsEdit

While in the Frozen Cave in Kogoeria, Rallen and Jeena encounter Samzaras, a large seal-like Krawl whose ice-like body was impervious to all their weapons, both Spectrobe and Cosmolink-based. It was then that Kamtoga appeared, handing them a cube that registered with their Cosmolinks to form the Cosmo Axe. The axe was able to inflict damage on Samzaras and the Krawl was defeated.


Spectrobes: Origins - Basic axe for the Cosmolink. Slow, but extremely powerful.

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