Cosmo Glove
Cosmo Glove 3D
Clear Small
ATK +18
Forward strike
Attack Effect
Knock back (hit 1)
Status Effect
Extra Effect

The Cosmo Glove is one of the basic weapons found in Spectrobes: Origins. It is a red-white glove that attaches to the player's arm during combat, if equipped. It has the characteristic hexagonal marking on its top and sides, similar to other weapons in the Cosmo range.


The Cosmo Glove has an ATK value of 18. The player cannot perform combos using this weapon; the only method of attack is a forward strike that temporarily stuns regular Krawl but is not effective against Krawl bosses. If an attack connects with an enemy, a 'Go' command (down swing on the Wiimote) causes the active Spectrobe to initiate a Strong Attack instead of a Basic Attack.

Role in Spectrobes: OriginsEdit

After Rallen and Jeena defeat the boss Krawl Galgore on planet Wyterra, the duo report to Radese, who tells them to meet up with Kotetsu. The village blacksmith tells them that he has a new weapon for them at the price of 50 Blue Minerals. When presented with the payment, Kotetsu hands over the Cosmo Glove.


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