Cosmo Sword
Cosmo Sword 3D
Clear Small
ATK +5
Swift 3-hit combo
Attack Effect
Launch (hit 3)
Status Effect
Extra Effect

The Cosmo Sword is a basic weapon found in Spectrobes: Origins. It is a blue, long sword with a small hilt for gripping. It is the very first weapon accessible when starting the game.


The Cosmo Sword has an ATK value of 5, but its weak damage ability is made up for with its light weight which allows either Rallen or Jeena to perform a three-hit combo with it. The final strike, if successful, launches the opponent (particularly regular Krawl foes) and allows Spectrobe partners to initiate a Strong Attack when ordered.

Role in Spectrobes: OriginsEdit

Arriving on Inception Hill in the planet Wyterra, Rallen is surprised that his Prizmod does not function at all. His Child Spectrobe Komainu suddenly runs off on its own. Rallen and Jeena give chase, only to find the base of the hill swarming with Kurag. Finding shelter in the Sanctum Ruins, they meet Radese for the first time and are given the Cosmolink, containing the Cosmo Sword. Using the newly-obtained weapon and Spectrobes, they quickly eliminate the Kurag outside, rescuing the inhabitants of Haven Village.


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