Cubes are rare rainbow-colored objects that give information on the mechanics of both Spectrobes and Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals. Cubes can only be found by excavating them, and once excavated cannot be found again. Each cube is named after a letter in the Greek alphabet.


Spectrobes and Spectrobes: Beyond the PortalsEdit

Cubes are rainbow-colored cube artifacts found buried in the ground. They have a rainbow mark when searched by a Child form. Cubes hold useful information about Spectrobes, and can be viewed either at Aldous' capsule (Spectrobes) or a cube machine (Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals). There are over 20 types of Cubes, and a few unlock special features.

In Spectrobes the Relic and Neo crystals are also listed by Adolus's capsule, below the cubes, and cubes can be excavated many times and sold for 100 Gura. Certain cubes unlock special features when obtained, and some of these require excavation in the field, and some can be obtained by Card Input.

In Spectrobes: Beyond the Protals certain spectrobes, such as Azeko, Mossax and Zyra have enhanced cube finding powers, but their effects are unknown. Cubes can normally only be obtained once, but are occasionally found twice, and cannot be sold. The cubes from Card Input in the previous game can be obtained using the Spectrobes setting of the Card Input machine.

Spectrobes: OriginsEdit

There are two types of Cubes in Spectrobes: Origins. They are Fossil Cubes and Expansion Cubes. Expansion Cubes are either given to you by people (Radese, Kotetsu and others) or in the ground (Fire Kyptos in Fire Ruins on Bahmud). They give you more rooms in your Incubator. Fossil Cubes are found in the ground. They contain Spectrobe fossils or minerals. Instead of excavating the fossil directly when you search for it (like in the DS games), you can pick it up and excavate the fossil later. There is a maximum limit of Fossil Cubes and excavated Fossils that you can carry at a time.

The role of cubes giving information has been superseded by Lost Memos in this game.

List of CubesEdit


Number Name Area
01 Alpha Daichi
02 Beta
03 Gamma Daichi, Genshi
04 Delta Daichi
05 Epsilon Genshi Zone 1
06 Zeta From Cyrus, Ziba
07 Eta Nessa Zone 2 & 3, Genshi
08 Theta Nessa Zone 3 (Ruins)
09 Iota Ziba Zone 3
10 Kappa Nessa Zone 3 (Ruins)
11 Lambda Nessa Zone 3 (Ruins)
12 Mu Nessa Zone 2
13 Nu Nessa Zone 3
14 Xi Himuro
15 Omicron
16 Pi
17 Rho Ziba Zone 3
18 Sigma Genshi Zone 1
19 Tau Nessa Zone 3
20 Upsilon Kollin

Spectrobes: Beyond the PortalsEdit

  • Alpha (α): Combos - Press the A Button to have a Spectrobe perform a normal attack. Some Spectrobes can pull off two or three attacks if you continue to press the A Button. Do this to quickly deal massive damage. Note that this is not possible with all types of attacks.
  • Beta (β): Combination - Two Spectrobes can use CH energy to join forces and launch a spectacular Combination Attack! When you have enough CH energy saved up, press the Y button to unleash of Combination Attack. These attacks will differ depending on the Spectrobes' properties and their evolutionary state.
  • Gamma (γ): CH Attack - The CH guage fills up with energy when you use normal attacks during an encounter battle. Press the B Button to unleash a Charge Attack once you have filled the CH guage with enough energy. Each Spectrobe has a powerful Charge Attack, so try them out!
  • Delta (δ): Team - A team is a pair of Spectrobes that are well suited to each other because of their properties, etc. When you have such Spectrobes fight together, they can unleash Combination Attacks as a team. Try various combinations of Spectrobes to find which ones work the best together!
  • Epsilon (ε): Recovery Orb - Sometimes when you defeat Krawl Dust, an orb of energy will appear. These are recovery orbs. Grab them to recover HP. There are two types of recovery orbs; green ones heal Rallen and blue ones heal the Spectrobes.
  • Zeta (ζ): Searching - Only Child Form Spectrobes have the ability to find fossils and minerals. The search range and type of item that they can find differs depending on their type. If you can't find the items you are looking for with the current Child Form Spectrobe that you have with you...return to the Lab System, and choose a different Child Form Spectrobe.
  • Eta (η): Excavation - When with a Child Form Spectrobe press the Y Button to have it scan the ground for fossils and minerals. A symbol will appear if something is buried within its search radius. Touch it to begin excavation. The color of the symbol shows what kind of item is buried. Fossils are yellow, minerals are blue, mystery stones are purple, and cubes are the color of the rainbow. Note that Child Form Spectrobes will hide in the Prizmod when there are enemies nearby. Searching is not possible while the Child Form Spectrobe is hiding.
  • Theta (θ): Secret Doors - Secret doors are hidden on certain map walls. Only Child Form Spectrobes can find them. A hexagon symbol appears when there is a secret door within the search range. Note that secret doors are sealed by one of the three properties. You'll need a Child Form Spectrobe of the opposing property in order to get through them.
  • Iota (ι): Custom Parts - Custom Parts can be attached to Spectrobes using the Lab System in the patrol cruiser. Some parts increase a Spectrobe's attack and others increase defense. The name of the Spectrobe will change depending on what Custom Part you have equipped on it. Note that Child Form Spectrobes and a few particular Spectrobes cannot use Custom Parts. You can find Custom Parts by excavating Mystery Stones.
  • Kappa (κ): Evolution 1 - A Child Form Spectrobe can evolve into Adult Form after it has consumed the required number of minerals. Check the requirements for evolution by veiwing a Spectrobe close up in the incubator. A glow also appears around its body when it is ready to evolve. Touch it while in close-up mode to evolve it. You can only evolve Spectrobes when using the Lab System.
  • Lambda (λ): Evolution 2 - An Adult Form Spectrobe can evolve into an Evolved Form after it has reached the required level, has fought the required number of battles, and consumed the required number of minerals. Check the requirements for evolution by viewing a Spectrobe close up in the Incubator. A glow also appears around its body when it is ready to evolve. Touch it while in close-up mode to evolve it. You can only evolve Spectrobes when using the Lab System.
  • Mu (μ): Room Access - Open the Prizmod menu and select Room Access to view the Incubator. You can use this function to keep an eye on your Spectrobes when you're out in the field. You can also feed minerals to them using Room Access so you can train new Spectrobes anywhere, anytime. Train a lot of Spectrobes and find your favourite one! Note that you cannot add or remove Spectrobes from Incubator Rooms using the Prizmod's Room Access.
  • Nu (ν): Full Stomach - There are times where a Spectrobe will not eat minerals that you try to feed it. This means that the Spectrobe is full and that it's eaten as many minerals as it can. Just concentrate on your missions and check back every now and then to see if the Spectrobe is hungry.
  • Xi (ξ): Custom Color - Child Spectrobes are awakened from their fossilized state by the power of your voice. Child Spectrobes have complex DNA that allows them to be different colors when they awaken. The color a Child Form Spectrobe will be depends on the strength and timing of your voice. Practice makes perfect! Try using different voices and see what colors you can awaken them as!
  • Omicron (ο): Quick Evolve - There are special types of minerals that can instantly satisfy one of the evolution requirements. One instantly satisfies the level required for evolution. Another instantly satisfies the number of minerals required. The other instantly satisfies the number of battles required.
  • Pi (π): Color Change - Some minerals can be used to alter a Spectrobe's color, similar to how you can when awakening a fossil. Such color changes can be performed anytime, regardless of the Spectrobe's level. In order to do this, feed the special mineral to the Spectrobe from the Incubator.
  • Rho (ρ): Battle Styles - Spectrobes have four basic battle styles: Melee, ramming, ranged, and area of effect. Melee involves attacking enemies close up. Ramming involves running into the enemy. Ranged involves striking enemies at a distance. Area of effect involves damaging surrounding enemies. The surest way of victory is to select Spectrobes according to the enemies you will face.
  • Sigma (σ): Properties - All Spectrobes and Krawl have one of three properties: Corona, Aurora, or Flash. Corona is strong against Aurora, Aurora is strong against Flash, and Flash is strong against Corona. Remember this and your battles will become much easier and you can enter secret doors on certain maps. You can tell the property of a Spectrobe or Krawl by its body color. Corona is a reddish flame-like color, Flash is a bluish water-like color, and Aurora is a green plant-like color. The surest way to victory is to select Spectrobes according to the properties of the enemies.
  • Tau (τ): Glove Attack - During field battles with Rallen, you can use a glove attack to stun the nearby enemies. Once stunned, you can hit them with consecutive attacks with your sword to deal massive damage. The area of attack and the duration an enemy will be stunned is different depending on the glove you're using.
  • Upsilon (υ): Crowns 1 - When you excavate a fossil within 60 seconds and at 100% without damaging it, a crown mark will be added to it. Crowns will not, however, be added to minerals, cubes, or mystery stones.
  • Phi (φ): Crowns 2 - When you awaken a fossil that has a crown mark, the Child Form Spectrobe starts ready to evolve to Adult Form. This means you should try as hard as possible to keep from damaging fossils during excavation.
  • Chi (χ): Tools - There are times where you will need to excavate in sand, ice, lava, mud, and even underwater. This requires special tools for the location in question. Sand has to be cleared away, ice melted, lava cooled, mud removed, and water kept clear while excavating. Collecting and mastering various tools is the key to excavation.
  • Psi (ψ): Incubator - It is important to select terrain that matches the properties of the Spectrobe you are training. There is terrain for each of the three Spectrobe properties: Corona, Aurora and Flash. Selecting the proper terrain for a Spectrobe will dramatically increase its evolution speed. There is also reportedly a way to add a room to the Incubator that supports all three properties.
  • Omega (ω): Minerals - Pay attention to properties when feeding minerals to Spectrobes. They will grow faster when you feed them minerals with the same property as they have.
  • Sampi: Geos - There are Spectrobes known as Ultimate Forms lurking in the deep reaches of space. Ultimate Forms surpass ordinary Spectrobes in every way possible. You cannot create one through evolution. It seems that these Ultimate Forms are sealed away in items known as Geos.
  • Hexa: Spectrobe Master - Not everyone can become a Spectrobe Master. It requires someone with special powers. Only a Spectrobe Master can awaken fossils, and fight evil using the Spectrobes. The top Spectrobe Masters are extremely powerful individuals.
  • Hepta: Card Input - The Card Input Machine has been upgraded! You can now enter card codes from the first Spectrobes game as well! At the Card Input System menu, touch the logo that matches the logo on the card you wish to input.
  • Octa: Wireless - DS Wireless Play feature unlocked! You can now trade Spectrobes and join DS Wireless Play battles using the Spectrobes you've trained. Select Multiplayer at the title screen, and then DS Wireless Play.
  • Nona: Trade - The DS Wireless Play feature has been upgraded! You can now trade Spectrobes and fossils from the first Spectrobes game over to this one! Select Multiplayer at the title screen, DS Wireless Play and then Wireless Trade.
  • Deca: Nintendo WFC - Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection feature unlocked! You can now connect to Nintendo WFC and battle other players around the world and download various items. You can upload your stats to the Spectrobes official site and sell/buy items at the Wi-Fi Market. Select Multiplayer at the title screen, and then Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

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