Cyrus is a rare item collector. Whenever Cyrus wants something valuable, he 
always puts Rallen in trouble. The first time, he asks Rallen to find a precious keystone in the Nessa Ruins . When you need the keystone back, you have to go to Table Top Mountains and obtain a rare diamond mineral, but you must battle Trunkos first. On Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals, he wants you to get a Diamond from Mineral Valley in Nessa Area 2 , but this is stalled by the High Krawl Gelberus, who you do not battle until you reach the planet of Hyoga. Plus Cyrus places up a machine called Cyrus Express in the cruiser for a "small" price. He also sells badges for 300 gura each. What a rip off!


  • Cyrus is very identical to Dyrus, the billionaire that lives on Menahat, the desert planet simular to Nessa in Spectrobes: Origins.


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