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DGamer is an online social network created by Disney Interactive Studios and Fall Line Studios for use in their Nintendo DS titles and accessible via Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, or on the DGamer Channel on the Disney website.

The service originally launched on May 15, 2008, with the release of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. DGamer users all receive an avatar that can be customized to the user's preference with Disney-themed accessories and clothes. The DGamer service also features "DGamer Honors," an achievement system that unlocks secret items that can be given to the avatar. The DGamer Wi-Fi connectivity was shut down on March 15, 2013, meaning that players can no longer access DGamer online, though they may still access the service wirelessly.

Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals DGamer featuresEdit


Honor To obtain
Spectrobes 2 DS Log on to DGamer online with a username.
Passed Training Complete the battle training tutorial
Defeated Gelberus Defeat Gelberus
Save the Day Beat the game once.
Field Battler Defeat 100 Krawl Dust.
Field Hunter Defeat 500 Krawl Dust
Wireless Fighter Win a Wireless 1-on-1 battle.
Wireless Veteran Win 100 1-on-1 battles
Tool Collector Obtain every excavation tool
Teamwork Complete the first Jeena segment.
New Digger Successfully excavate 100 items.
Low Class Clear the Class 1 Sequence Battle.
Krawl Hunter Defeat 500 Krawl
Krawlinator Defeat 1,000 Krawl.
All Spectrobes Obtain every Spectrobe


Item To obtain
Excavation Drill Purchase every excavation tool.
Geo Clear Sequence Battle Class 3
Krux's Mask Defeat Krux.
Rallen's Sword Earn the first Krawl Dust medal.
Jeena's Scanner
Komainu Hat
Rallen's Uniform
Jeena's Uniform

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