Daichi 1
Second and smallest planet in the Nanairo System. Covered in grasslands and plateau mountains.
―Map description in Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals.

Daichi is the planet second from the sun in the Nanairo system. The planet is a covered in grassy plains and rock, with several large, mushroom-shaped mountains with flat tops.

Aldous, Spikan and Zozane first appear here. Daichi is the setting place for the Table Top Mountains, which are affected by the strong Aurora around the planet, meaning only Corona property Spectrobes can be safely used there, and Rallen has to wear a suit of that property. Daichi has many C minerals and it introduces the Krawl to Rallen. In Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals, It is a grassland planet with mostly Corona Krawl. There is a tower that was destroyed by Maja.


Daichi has only one area Rallen explores during the game.

This area would be the first of any area Rallen embarks on and introduces the basics of the game, excavation, Krawl and Spectrobes. Rallen finds Aldous's escape pod and brings him back to Rallen's spaceship, Aldous tells him that the Nanairo system is in danger and Rallen begins his journey to defeat the Krawl.

Table Top Mountains The Tabletop mountains is a very dangerous place and Rallen has to venture far into it to get the fabled Diamond mineral. However the Krawl here are very high-leveled and it's aurora will drain Rallen's life. The best bet is buy a scalar suit C to stop the life-draining power. But they can also drain the life of Spectrobes . The best way to avoid this is to bring powerful Corona Spectrobes so they can't lose health.


  • In Japanese, "Daichi" means "great land".
  • This the only majorly greenfielded area Rallen explores.
  • Due to the Table Top Mountains being a very large area, it is considered by fans to be Daichi Area 2.
  • In the first game a far off object can be seen, possibly a moon of Daichi or the planet Genshi, whose visible colour has been altered by the planet's thick atmosphere.