Nanairo Listing #142
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ビリビラギョ Biribiragyo
BTP Logo Small
11.1 ft.
2072 lbs.
Beyond the Portals
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Child Adult Evolved
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Shogyo Chugyo Daigyo

Daigyo (ビリビラギョ Biribiragyo) is an Evolved Spectrobe of the Aurora Property. It appears in Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals. It evolves from the Child form Shogyo and the Adult form Chugyo.


Daigyo is a large, irregularly-shaped fish or amphibian that appears to be based on an axolotl. It has powerful jaws and thin whiskers on its face resembling those of a carp. Its arms are more developed than its stubby hind legs, but it mainly uses its long, flat tail for swimming. Daigyo has a pair of wing-like fins extending from its hips. Like Shogyo and Chugyo, its skin is patterned with jagged stripes.


Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals - "This electrified beast sails the sky, swinging its mighty arms and spitting balls of lightning."

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

  • BTP Melee Normal: Swipes at enemies twice with its arms.
  • BTP Ranged CH Attack: Daibelch - "Spits balls of lightning that slowly roll toward its enemies for a shocking result."


Custom PartsEdit

  • Attack: Daiwing (Daigyo Flipper) - Replaces its wings with dragon wings.
  • Defense: Daijet (Daigyo Zipper) - Replaces its wings with larger wings.

Custom ColorsEdit

  • Normal: Green
  • Custom Color 1: Cyan
  • Custom Color 2: Lime green


Name EtymologyEdit

Language Name / Etymology
Icon-English English Daigyo
From the Japanese kanji characters 大 (dai, great) and 魚 (gyo, fish).
Icon-Japanese Japanese ビリビラギョ Biribiragyo
From the onomatopoeia びりびり (biribiri), the sound of static or weak electricity and 魚 (gyo, fish).


  • Daigyo resembles the satanic beast leviathan, a great sea monster with a distended stomach and many pentagrams on its body.
  • Daigyo may also be based on the Japanese legend that if a carp can climb a waterfall it will become a dragon; this is shown through the fact it resembles a catfish with dragon parts, claws, wings etc.



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