Pinorska, a Dark Spectrobe and the Dark Spectrobe form of Spikanor.

Dark Spectrobes are more powerful versions of regular Spectrobes that have been corrupted by darkness, found in Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals. It is implied that the Krawl have done something to normal Spectrobes so as to turn them into Dark Spectrobes. They all appear physically identical to their normal counterparts except for a navy blue or purple coloration; their fossils also appear exactly like the normal ones, but with a purple color. Despite this, however, they still share the same Properties as their normal counterparts and as such share the same weaknesses and strengths against other Properties as normal Spectrobes. The names of Dark Spectrobes are also rearranged versions of their normal counterparts.

Despite the similarities, though, there are also some differences. Unlike normal Spectrobes, Dark Spectrobes cannot be customized with parts or colors. Additionally, while they can consume the same minerals as normal Spectrobes, they obtain more minergy out of Dark minerals.

All Child form Dark Spectrobes have at least one searching power (Fossil, Mineral or Cube search powers), while most have two and some have all three; however the Child form Dark Spectrobes have a search radius that goes from 1 to 5, while the ones with all powers have a radius of only 2 or 3. They also have the same search radius as their normal counterpart.


Spectrobes: Beyond the PortalsEdit

Dark Spectrobes are first encountered by Rallen on Daichi. After refusing Maja's offer to join the Krawl army, she pits her Dark Spectrobes against Rallen's Spectrobes. However, Rallen's prove to be too weak and are defeated. Maja claims that Rallen will need Dark Spectrobes of his own in order to defeat hers.

Dark Spectrobes can first be excavated on Fons, and later on Darkmos. On the latter planet, Maja states that there is a barrier that only allows one who wields Dark Spectrobes to pass by; therefore, Rallen must have at least two Dark Spectrobes in order to pass by and fight Maja's Dark Spectrobes again. After being defeated, Rallen tells Maja that Dark Spectrobes are still Spectrobes despite the alterations.

Dark Spectrobes are also found on the planet Malik. Here, they can not only be excavated but additionally, Adult and Evolved Form Dark Spectrobes can be found inside the vortexes in Krux's lair.

During the final battle, Krux also possesses what he calls True Dark Spectrobes, which are a hybrid of Krawl and Spectrobes created by Krux himself.


A Dark Spectrobe also appears in the Spectrobes video series. They are first mentioned in episode 11, in which Maja is speaking with Krux about the project. She reports that the Spectrobes have reached their Adult forms, but that there have been difficulties in getting them to further evolve. Krux gives Maja a Ruby mineral so as to accelerate their growth.

In episode 12, Maja fights Rallen's Rydrake and Leozar with her own Pinska, which she feeds a Ruby mineral, causing it to suddenly evolve into Pinorska. Rallen tries to fight it with his Spectrobes, but they are defeated.

Later, in episode 14, Rallen once again faces Maja's Pinorska with the same Spectrobes. At first their attacks again prove ineffective, but Jeena helps by giving Rydrake and Leozar Custom Parts, boosting their power and allowing them to defeat the Dark Spectrobe. Pinorska's defeat causes it to transform back into a normal Spipod.

List of Dark SpectrobesEdit

Child Adult Evolved
Makanui Makanoto Makadoros
Zyra Zyrgazelle Zyrdrake
Musakabu Musarite Musageki
Troga Trogazar Trogallup
Pahacha Pahazoa Pahaxion
Elo Elopuba Elozar
Zaapi Zaamaru Zaamaros
Rudacho Rudatori Rudatake
Sametto Samerobo Sametosu
Pikos Pinska Pinorska