Darkroe is a boss fought in Spectrobes: Origins. It is a monstrous Krawl that was sealed away in another dimension, until it inexplicably awakens and attempts to escape. Darkroe can be fought after the player defeats all of the Boss Krawl (excluding Jado and Krux) for the second time. Kotetsu on Wyterra will inform Rallen and Jeena that a strange portal has appeared in the Great Desert on Menahat, and that an incredibly powerful "legendary Krawl" is trying to emerge from it. The player must then travel to Menahat and enter the portal, where Darkroe lies in waiting. After defeating the Krawl, the player can again enter the Chamber of Ordeals and participate in the 100 Krawl Challenge.

In the entrance to the green ruins Darkroe can be seen in the mural showing Kaio.


Darkroe is a large, primarily crimson Krawl with a black torso and details. It vaguely resembles a dragon, having large, clawed hands and feet, and a long tail. It possesses several long appendages on its back, which are slightly reminiscent of a pair of wings (as it can apparently fly with them). Its head covers a gaping mouth, situated in the center of its chest.


The battle with Darkroe will initiate immediately after the player goes through the portal (it is advised to be prepared before entering). There is a wide range of attacks at Darkroe's disposal, but it will always start the battle on the ground, swiping at the player and his/her Spectrobe with its claws, or lunging at them with great speed. If the player should try to attack the Krawl from behind, it will batter them with its tail. In addition to these, it has several more elaborate attacks. Darkroe can forcibly draw Rallen/Jeena and their Spectrobe closer to itself, then create a health-draining field that gradually saps the player's HP. It can also disappear and reappear anywhere on the field, sending a burst of energy out in several directions. Perhaps the Krawl's most difficult attack to avoid, is when it fires a beam of yellow energy at Rallen/Jeena; dodging this requires excellent timing.

Randomly during the first half of the fight, Darkroe will take flight, hovering above the ground and rendering most close-range attacks ineffective. While in the air, it will utilize a different set of attacks, the most simple in which it outright flies into the player. Darkroe can launch a series of purple projectiles at Rallen/Jeena, first in quick succession, then in convergence all at once. It may also build up energy, then create a shockwave that spreads outward in a circle.

Once Darkroe's health has been reduced to half, it will cover itself in a dark pinkish aura and become more relentless. In this form, it uses the same general moveset, and gains two more attacks. It can now fire several large red projectiles at the player, and breath a damaging cloud of gas.

Throughout the entire battle, Darkroe has the ability to slowly regenerate its health, 10 points at a time.

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