Dawn Bridge Panorama

Dawn Bridge.

The Dawn Bridge is an area in Spectrobes: Origins. It is situated on the planet Wyterra.


This area is located between Haven Village and Sunny Grassland. It is a large plateau divided in two by a waterfall, linked by an intricately-designed stone bridge. The area on the Haven Village side is larger, with a few trees and a path blocked by a Fire Property Barrier. Breaking the barrier with a Fire Search Spectrobe and following the path leads to a Stone Marker containing the Zaza Sword.

The area on the Sunny Grassland side is smaller, with another open-air path and a small patch of land for searching minerals. There are no Save Points in this area.


Spectrobes Origins - Wii Hacked Walkthrough Part 3 The Bridge14:26

Spectrobes Origins - Wii Hacked Walkthrough Part 3 The Bridge

A walkthrough taken place at dawn bridge.

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