900 (LV 16)
Doldogo - 3x

Decaton is a Krawl mini-boss in Spectrobes: Origins. There are three of them in total, each by themselves in a different location on Doldogo. Decaton are the culprits behind the poisoning of the rivers and the Tree of Life.


A Decaton appears like a slug, its body peppered with purple bulges. Its skin is glossy, and purple with orange squared patterns. Only two limbs are visible; both of which are used for slamming the ground.


(All offensive moves cause knockback and cannot be stopped by flinching.)

First PlaythroughEdit

At LV 15

  • Poison shot: 13-14 HP. Decaton fires a purple dart in the player's direction. Will always cause poisoning unless the player uses a Spectrobe with a countering Bonus Ability.
  • Gas cloud: 20-21 HP. When the player approaches, it will release a purple gas cloud knocking everything back.

NOTE: All Decaton's attacks are not strengthened by low HP.


Each Decaton you find will use an attack that allows each to spit poison at you, which inflicts small amounts of damage and causes flinching for a short period of time. If you get close to a Decaton's underbelly, keep striking at it. Doing this will stop a Decaton every time it tries to use its spitting attack. However, when a Decaton raises in front "legs", move away as quickly as possible, preferably with a backflip dodge (to do this, yank the Nunchuk horizontally, upwards). If it hits the ground with its front "legs", it will send a powerful shockwave that does heavy damage.