ドルドゴ Doldogo

Doldogo is the fourth planet from Kaio's star in Spectrobes: Origins. It is the second planet accessible by in-game progress. The Krawl and Spectrobes found on this planet are mostly of the Plant Property.

On their quest to find the Shards of a King, Rallen and Jeena land near Verdant Village. After landing, they find out that the rivers and by extension the Tree of Life have been poisoned by the Krawl at the three lakes making up the source of the rivers (Serenity Woods, Triple Falls, and High Meadow). After clearing up the rivers, Rallen and Jeena enter the Tree of Life, fight and defeat the Krawl at the bottom of the Green Ruins, Drilzon, and claim the second shard.



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Verdant VillagePatrol CruiserForest ShortcutSerenity WoodsTriple FallsTree of Life, includes Green Ruins B1 and Sealed ChamberThunder CragGlow Moss CaveHigh MeadowMap of Doldogo as it appears in Spectrobes: Origins.

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