Dolgon is a hybrid of Spectrobe and Krawl known as a "True Dark Spectrobe" created by Krux, battled near the end of Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals

After much research and experimentation "in the dark, distant corners of time and space," Krux had created Dolgon and its "sisters" Dolgan and Kragon out of both Krawl and Spectrobes to be the "ultimate creatures."

After the pair are defeated, Rallen is forced to face the third True Dark Spectrobe, Kragon.


Dolgon appears similarly to a whale-like creature. On the top of its head is a horn with a second dragon-like head on it. On its back are a pair of wings, and in front of those are a pair of tentacle-like arms with spikes on the shoulders, with a tail on its end.

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

When in battle, only one of the True Dark Spectrobes is active at a time; the two switch whenever one performs an attack. While Dolgan's attacks are ranged, Dolgon's are physical. It normally attack by swinging its arms at the Spectrobes, then slamming them to the ground, creating a small shockwave. Dolgon's "CH Attack" involves ramming into the Spectrobes. The True Dark Spectrobes also have a Combination Attack, which involves two pillars of dark energy rising from the ground with several small explosions going off. Dolgon and Dolgan can also restore each others' health by giving up some of their own.

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