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Drilzon is a Plant property Krawl boss in Spectrobes: Origins. It is the second main boss. Drilzon is encountered in the Sealed Chamber under Green Ruins B1 on the planet Doldogo.


Drilzon is a six-legged creature with four claws on each foot. Dead tree branches and blue moss are found on its body, roots from the top covering its top half. Two drill-like tusks are located at the front, both of which are attackable. Its mouth lies under the tusks, but is hard to see. It has a glowing appendage on the other end, similar to Galgore's face, which is its weak point. Above this "mask" is a purple bulb that fires poisonous projectiles. In total, there are 8 targetable damage points on this boss.

In terms of defense, the tusks and the arms have the same defense, but the weak point has only half. As such, all attacks on the glowing part deal double damage.


(All offensive moves except poison-inflicting ones cause knockback and cannot be stopped by flinching.)

First PlaythroughEdit

Damage inflicted in HP, with Rallen at LV21

  • Stomp: 39 HP. Drilzon raises its front legs and bears down on the player.
  • Hop: 42-45 HP. If continuously hit by melee attacks, Drilzon will jump up, spin 180 degrees and fall on the player. Total animation takes 1 second and is easily avoided. (This attack is also performed immediately after a ram.)
  • Swipe: 34 HP. The Krawl swings its drill tusks through 90 degrees if the player or a Spectrobe is within range.
  • Ram: 27 HP. One of the more common moves, Drilzon will raise itself upright, then charge towards the player head-first. It will not stop until it hits a wall on the other side, after which it is stunned for 2 seconds.
  • Ceiling drop: 33 HP. Drilzon scales the wall and crawls across the ceiling, then falls on the player. The player can avoid this attack by keeping distance from the shadow formed.

After losing half its total HP, Drilzon's attacks deal 30% more damage, and 4 new attacks are utilised on top of the initial ones:

  • Gas cloud: 33 HP. If the player continuously attacks Drilzon with melee hits, it will disperse a purple smog from the bulb above the glowing head, dealing the poison status effect.
  • Poison drop: 25 HP. Drilzon releases a single purple sphere on the player.
  • Sludge volley: 45 HP. The strongest attack. Drilzon charges for 2 seconds, then the bulb on its head will explode, dispersing 8 spheres that cover its perimeter. This attack has 100% poison inflicting probability unless the player uses Spikan as the ally Spectrobe (in which the percentage drops to 70%).
  • Homing shot: 45 HP. Clinging to the ceiling: Drilzon fires 4 to 5 purple spheres, one after the other. The shots follow the player until they hit the floor.


  • It is recommended to evolve the Zappi fossil obtained in Green Ruins B1 into Zappira and use it in battle, as its SPL ATK, Bolt Crush, deals damage to all 7 points when unleashed in Drilzon's centre. Hence, the damage dealt is eightfold (6 points normal + 1 point double). This can take out almost a third of this bosses HP if done correctly, but the player must lock-on to one of the middle legs before pressing the B button.


Spectrobes Origins - Wii Hacked Walkthrough Part 8 Poisoned09:05

Spectrobes Origins - Wii Hacked Walkthrough Part 8 Poisoned

A walkthrough featuring Drilzon.

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