4k Electrox

Electrox is a Krawl boss on Slayso in Spectrobes: Origins. It is actually a Grapatar with a satellite grafted on it.


It uses electric attacks, which may give it its name. Its power is also far more enhanced than Grapatar.

It also attacks by hanging onto a side of the top of the tower where you battle it and swinging one of its legs while moving around the sides of the tower. It also fires beams using the satellite while moving around as well. However, it must stop to do this, so when it stops, it is best to attack it. Electrox needs to charge itself to fire a beam or use most electric attacks, but will sometimes forget to charge itself and try to fire anyway. When this happens Electrox will be momentarily confused leaving it's weak point unguarded.


  • Electrox is the result of the combination of Grapatar and one of the three satelite dishes atop slayso tower. This much can be proven, since Grapatar retreats through a hole in the tower wall, (Climbing to the top in order to assimilate the satellite) and also during a cutscene where Scout is seen embedded in the inner mouth lining of Grapatar. Later, after Electrox is defeated, Scout is found amid the remains of this spider-like Krawl.
    • This is possibly hinted at during the end cinematics where Tidy tells Scout not to bump into that satelite he did earlier.

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