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Evolving a spectrobe allows Rallen to turn a child spectrobe to an adult spectrobe and an adult spectrobe to and evolved spectrobe.

Classes Edit

In spectrobes there are three classes:

  1. Child
  2. Adult
  3. Evolved

Each of the classes get stronger and adds advantages depending on the game that you play. The advantages are:

  1. Child-Child spectrobes can go out and search for items minerals or fossils that are in the ground. They cannot be used in battle.
  2. Adult-Adult spectrobes can no longer search but can now fight. As they grow they gain abilities and more powerful attacks.
  3. Evolved-Evolved are stronger and more powerful versions of the adult spectrobes that they evolved from.

Spectrobes Edit

In the original spectrobes game the level to which a child spectrobe and adult spectrobe could evolve depended on the type of spectrobe you want to evolve.

Spectrobes Origins Edit

In Spectrobes: Origins all the levels for evolving a spectrobe are the same. A child spectrobe evolves at level 5 into an adult and an adult can evolve into an evolved at level 30.

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