Evolve Mineral 3D

An Evolve Mineral.

Evolve Minerals are a type of mineral that evolves Spectrobes exclusively seen in Spectrobes: Origins, given they are at a required level. The mineral is rainbow-colored and polygonal in appearance, its shape resembling a teardrop.

As Spectrobes in the Kaio are unable to evolve by themselves like in the first and second games, the player must feed a Spectrobe the Evolve Mineral to initiate evolution. One criteria must be fulfilled in all cases, however; Child and Adult Spectrobes must be at Level 5 and 30, respectively, or of a higher value for evolution to take place.

Immediately after defeating the Krawl boss Galgore on the planet Wyterra, Rallen and Jeena discover the Evolve Mineral near the place where the Krawl was defeated. Jeena runs a scan on the mineral and finds it negative for toxins. Later, in Haven Village, Radese tells them that the mineral is required to evolve Spectrobes. The duo are advised to evolve their Search Spectrobe, Komainu in advance, seeing that their next location, Doldogo, is full of Plant-based Krawl.

If a Child Spectrobe uncovers an Evolve Mineral while searching in a field, it gains 64 EXP.

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