Tekkadorax, a evolved spectrobe.

Evolved (超体 Chōtai) Spectrobes are Spectrobes whose powers have advanced beyond that of the Adult form. Like with Adult Spectrobes, Evolved forms can be used in battle. This stage is the final evolutionary stage of a Spectrobe.

In Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals, a Spectrobe evolves into its Evolved form when it is a certain level, has fought a certain number of battles, and has eaten a certain number of minerals. The amounts is different for every Spectrobe, and can be viewed from the incubator and the database.

In Spectrobes: Origins, all Spectrobes evolve into their Evolved forms when they reach level thirty.

In all of the Spectrobes games, there are some secret Spectrobes which are only obtainable through the Card Machine. In every case, these Secret Spectrobes are all Evolved Spectrobes, having no Child or Adult forms.

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