Spectrobes Excavation

Excavation in Spectrobes

Excavation is the process by which all Spectrobes, minerals, and various other items are obtained in the Spectrobes series. As the name implies, the process of excavation involves digging through the terrain to unearth whatever is found underneath. Items for excavation are found by having a Child Spectrobe search on the overworld.


The process of excavation in Spectrobes and Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals involves the player having to smash through layers of earth in order to reach the object to be excavated. The player must then use the various tools available in order to dig up the object successfully. Beyond the Portals introduces various terrains to be excavated upon, all of which require a different tool in order to dig through them (ex. digging on ice requires use of the Fire Drill to melt the ice and reach the dirt where the object is buried). After an object has been unearthed to a certain percentage, the player can pick it up.

In Spectrobes: Origins, the process of excavation is similar but has been changed. Things such as minerals and Rice Balls are obtained simply by searching with a Child Spectrobe. Also obtainable through this method are Fossil Blocks, which contain fossils or minerals that can be excavated. The player can excavate these by going to the incubator machine on the ship or to a Save Point and selecting a Fossil Block under the "Excavate/Awaken" menu to excavate. The player must then dig away at the block, removing all the debris from the item until it has been uncovered entirely.



Tool Description
Drill S The weakest of the three drills. Can be used to carefully excavate an object, thoug hit has a tougher time removing dirt.
Drill M A moderately-powerful drill.
Drill L The most powerful of the three drills. Can easily remove dirt from an object, but can also easily damage it.
Blower Used to blow debris away from the fossil; can also be used by blowing into the Nintendo DS microphone.
Recovery Tool "Used to slightly fix damaged fossils, this tool can be used four times before it runs out."
Sonic Tool "A tool that gently excavates using sound waves. Activate it by speaking or blowing into the microphone."
Blast Tool "Explosively excavates objects in one shot. However, its success rate is quite low and even when it does work, you obtain no excavation experience points or bonuses."
Solvent Liquid "Dissolves the ground to expose objects. Useful for removing the rock and dirt from tight areas."
Giga Tool "An automatic excavator that unearths objects using a laser. The higher the percentage excavated, the higher the chance of success. If you use the Giga tool on a mineral that you have previously excavated by hand, it will excavate perfectly time. However, you get no excavation experience points or bonuses when you use it."

Spectrobes: Beyond the PortalsEdit

Image Tool Description
Taladro Drill "Used to excavate objects buried under rock."
Soplador Blower "This tool is used to dissipate the gas emitted when drilling and to cool down certain areas."
Utilreparacion Recovery Tool "Repair fossils damaged during excavation."
Piton "Quickly excavate a large area."
Taladrofuego Fire Drill "Used to melt ice."
Taladroagua Water Drill "Use the water drill to excavate through lava."
Sopladore Blower S "This enhanced blower can clear away the dust and debris of excavation with a single blast."
Bombavacio Vacuum "Handy for underwater excavation because it can suck up debris and clear up cloudy water."
Utilexcavador Giga Tool "Use this tool to automatically excavate objects you have already excavated at least once before."
Utilexplosivo Blast Tool "Ignite a large explosion to excavate buried objects instantly. But be careful! The huge explosion has a 50/50 chance of excavating or destroying an item."

Spectrobes: OriginsEdit

Tool Description
Drill A tool used to dig through rock.
Blower A tool used to blow debris off a fossil.
Laser A powerful tool that can blast right through the rock, but will also damage the fossil upon contact.
Hammer A tool that will smash through rock only in a designated area.
Bombs Powerful explosives that will blast through a good portion of the rock, but can also damage the fossil. Five are given for every excavation.
Scanner Shows the object being excavated inside the Fossil Block.


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