Fons 1
System Kagero
Classification Earth-like
Moons 0*
Areas 2

In-Game Description Edit

Located in the Kagero system, Fons is a lush planet of forests and lakes. There is a dark lake in the center.

Information Edit

Fons is a distant planet located in the Kagero System. It is only possible to come here by use of Portal 2.

The planet is lush and green, with the exception of the areas closest to the Dark Lake, where it is dry and beach-like. Fons is also famous for its soothing pan flute background music. You can find Mesa, Shakin, Azapi, Mantrador and Shogyo in fossil form here, along with the fossils of the Dark Spectrobes Zyra and Sametto in the Dark Lake's bed.

Areas Edit

  • Area 2: A small satellite orbiting above the dark lake. This is the first area where Jeena is available for play. The satellite was meant to block the output of Krawl from Fons, but shut down for some reason. The machinery in the satellite runs on Spectrobe fossils, and requires Rallen to place an available fossil he has of each property into specific slots. Interestingly enough, there is a vending machine in the satellite, and the fossils fo Shakin, Mesa and Shogyo are always found in front of the pedestals in the Corona, Aurora and Flash property rooms, respectively.

* The satellite may be counted as a moon.