The Fubiki galaxy.

The Fubuki System is one of the star systems featured in Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals, accessible through the blue portal from Nanairo. The system features a single planet, Hyoga, and no sun; upon arriving in the system, Rallen speculates that the Krawl destroyed it.

After Rallen fails to keep Gelberus from destroying the tower on Nessa and reports back to Cyrus, he and Jeena are contacted by Commander Grant, stating that a portal has opened up nearby, as well as that it matches the one that took Aldous. Having been asked to investigate, Rallen flies the ship through the portal and into the Fubuki system. Believing Aldous to be there, Rallen and Jeena fly to Hyoga to see if he is there, and end up battling Gelberus.


  • Fubuki comes from the Japanese word of the same pronunciation (吹雪), meaning blizzard in Japanese.

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