Galgore is the first Krawl boss encountered in Spectrobes: Origins. It is located in the Valley of Mist on Wyterra and does not have a property. It can flinch, however this will not affect attack timing.


Galgore appears as a massive bipedal, humanoid mass of Krawl with 4 limbs. It has a face with spreading yellow lines as its only features. The head and all 4 limbs are targetable, making 5 damage points.


(All offensive moves cause knockback and cannot be stopped by flinching.)

First PlaythroughEdit

At LV 7

  • Fall over: 19-21 HP. Galgore allows itself to fall over, face first. It stays on the ground for 6 seconds, bringing the weak point on the face to the ground.
  • Slam: 15-16 HP. It slams its fists or legs into the ground, creating a shockwave the size of its limbs.
  • Barrage: 23-25 HP. It runs across the field in the player's direction.

All attacks have 30% more offense when Galgore's HP is halved (indicated by it swinging its arms in the air while roaring).


  • When Galgore falls over, its face, which is its weak point, is brought to the ground. It is suggested that the player perform a Special Attack there during this time.
  • Galgore cannot reach the player if they are hiding among the trees

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