Genshi 1
2 (Spectrobes)
1 (Beyond the Portals)
First planet in the Nanairo System. Volcanically active and covered in lush jungles.
―Map description in Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals'

Genshi is a jungle and lava planet, and the first planet in the Nanairo system. This planet is home to a Spectrobes base led by Professor Wright. Most of the minerals that can be found here are not that powerful, and the fossils are common.


Area 1Edit

Area 1 is a jungle area. When you come to this area, you come to rescue Professor Wright from the Krawl Vortexes. After you save Professor Wright, he will give you an Aopod. The Krawl in this area are really easy to defeat.

Area 2Edit

Area 2 is a lava area. When you come to this area, you are in search for Tindera, the Flame Geo. The minerals in this area are pretty strong, considering they have Rubies there. The Krawl here are a little strong. The only two species found here are Volnoots and Volzepis.

Spectrobes: Beyond The PortalsEdit

On Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals, you need to come here a couple of times. The first reason you have to come here is to defeat the Krawl lurking in the forest that happens to be Jado. The second reason is because you need to bring the museum curator, Webster to the destroyed tower for clues to defeat the Krawl.


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