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Giga Axe S
Giga Axe S 3D
Clear Small
ATK +30
Quadruple swing
Attack Effect
Status Effect
Extra Effect
Break Guard

The Giga Axe S is one of the "S" weapons found in Spectrobes: Origins, only obtainable through Card Input.


Like the other "S" weapons, the Giga Axe S has a different appearance depending on the wielder and gives them an accessory. Rallen's is golden, featuring a white and red pattern near the blade. Jeena's is purple and features a sword blade within the axe blade, along with a purple gem on the hilt. The accessory for this weapon is a pendant around the neck with a gem inside it.


The Giga Axe S increases base ATK by 30, tied with the Galaxy Axe for the highest ATK boost, as well as being tied for the highest boost of any weapon. The axe attacks with a quadruple swing, and features the break guard ability native to axes.


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