Goblada is the final boss of Spectrobes and the leader of the Krawl in the first game. It can be found in
Meido's underground, near the giant Xelles. It is the second form of the Leader Krawl Ortorso, after being revived by the Xelles spores. It has 999 Health and moves very slowly. It fires homing fireballs and claws at you with it's arm at close range. It can jump about 1/3 of the way across the arena if you get too far away. To defeat it, you have to attack the boss until it's health is 600 or below, THEN destroy his shield with a Flame Geo. It is not possible to beat Goblada without the Geo, so be careful not to use it at the beginning of the battle. It appears not to have a property, though it is possible it could be Corona. Be aware that Goblada will try to heal itself at low health, so once his is at about 300 HP, NEVER stop attacking it, as it will constantly begin to regain health at a steady rate.

Once defeated, Meido will become unstable and you will be teleported back to the starship, where you will receive congratulations from Commander Grant and Jeena. The credits will roll by and you will save. You have completed the game!