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Gigardos is a huge hydra-like boss Krawl in Spectrobes: Origins. It appears at the bottom of the Ice Ruins on Kogoeria, and is the third boss in the game.


Gigardos appears as a three-headed hydra; each modeled after the elements of fire, water and sky (electricity). Its feet are covered with ice and it has a crest of ice as well. This crest, when attacked, reveals a black Krawl core which is its weak point (attacks do double damage). This crest is often raised above Rallen's attacking range, though, so auto-targeting it for a Spectrobe attack often causes a miss if not using a flying Spectrobe.

All in all, this boss has 5 damageable points.


First BattleEdit

  • Stomp - the most common attack if the player remains within close range this Krawl. Gigardos crushes the player with its legs, causing knockback within a large area. Double-backflipping (tilting up on Nunchuck twice) is effective against it. There are two variations of this attack: stomping with one leg, or stomping with two legs for increased damage.
  • Flame breath - with the red-veined head, Gigardos bends down and blows fire on the ground in front of it for 3 seconds, inflicting the Burn status.
  • Ice shot - this ranged attack fires one ice ball from the blue head towards the player, inflicting the Freeze status.
  • Lightning ball - the yellow-veined head fires a projectile toward the player. Although it is presumed that it inflicts the Stun status upon contact, this is not confirmed.

After 50% of its total HP is lost, Gigardos has access to one more attack:

  • Triple beam - all heads fire beams at a single spot.


  • The element for this boss only applies to damage given by the feet and nothing else; attacks dealt by each head are of its respective property, whereas the feet and core receive damage just like any Clear-property target point.
  • Its legs have relatively high DEF, a common trait for most bosses in the game. Because of this, attacks that hit rapidly with low ATK like Pagani's SPL ATK are not recommended for this boss.


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