Giorna is a distant star system from which the Spectrobe Master Aldous hails.

Many years ago, the inhabitants of the planet Nox, having lost their planet to the Krawl, had fled the planet and the Hakaba system entirely, finding refuge in the Giorna system and taking their technology known as the Dynalium with them. However, sixteen years ago, the Krawl were able to find the Giorna system, and attacked it as well.

Aldous used a spaceship to try to find the Spectrobes to save Giorna from the Krawl, but ended up crashing in the Nanairo system, on Daichi, making him the only known survivor of the Krawl's attack against Giorna. However, Jeena has speculated that other inhabitants of Giorna may have survived as well, finding another planet to inhabit.

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