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キューンベラ Kinbira
Gorberus 3D
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11.5 ft.
1102 lbs.
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Gorberus (キューンベラ Kinbira) is an Evolved form Spectrobe of the Earth Property. It is the Evolved form of the Child Gorz and the Adult Gorgan.


Gorberus' design seems to be inspired by golems and other ancient mechanisms and carvings depicted throughout history. It appears as a monstrous four-legged creature; its body being much deeper than its previous form, and its legs have thus splayed outwards to spread the weight. On the top of its head is a blunt, blue-striped upward-pointing horn, and on the sides of this are two other larger horn-like objects that curl over themselves to point straight backwards. Gorberus's mouth is less a useful aspect of its anatomy and more of a surface feature; it has a spiky, sharp-edged lower jaw that apppears immobile, with the actual mouth opening being a tiny oblong slot above it. Two orange lights peek out from this slot, as they are actually from the creature from inside its Adult form and its Child form. Gorberus also has a yellow, rolled tongue which it sticks out when intimidating foes.


  • Spectrobes: Origins - "This genius of the battlefield has a powerful beam for all who stands in its way."

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

  • Strong Attack: Phantom Beam - "Gorberus fires powerful laser beams that strike multiple enemies!"
  • Special Attack: - Laser Bomb - "Gorberus fires an energy blast into the sky that forms a light column that strikes its foe!"
  • Bonus Ability: Blast Guard+ - "Increases both Gorberus and your DEF toward indirect attacks." (DEF (indirect attacks) +50%)



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