Haven Village Panorama

Haven Village.

Haven Village is an area in Spectrobes: Origins. It is situated on the planet Wyterra, and is one of the main settlements on the planet. Radese is the head of the village.


Haven Village Map

This is the main gathering point where almost all of the non-playable characters can be found (exceptions include Kotetsu's assistant, Gumark in the beginning of the game). It is located between Inception Hill and Dawn Bridge, with a link to an Excavation Site. The village is flanked by hills and trees outside its perimeter. At the center of the village is a fountain with floating bubbles. Other notable features include a photon drive for powering the village, a tower, a blacksmith furnace, and the wall; the gate leads out the other end of the village to Dawn Bridge. There is a Save Point in this area, located near the photon drive, next to the path leading to the Excavation Site.

Points of InterestEdit

Radese's HouseEdit

Radese's House (Interior)

Interior of Radese's house.

Radese, lives in a U-shaped house facing northeast of the water feature. Rallen and Jeena often find themselves reporting back to this area, as Radese rarely leaves his home.

Kotetsu's WorkshopEdit

Kotetsu's Workshop

Kotetsu's forgery.

Kotetsu, the village blacksmith, can be found at the southwestern part of Haven Village, where he can be consulted to forge new weapons for the player at a price.

The Stuffed BellyEdit

Stuffed Belly Interior

The local eatery is called the Stuffed Belly. Here, non-playable characters impart extra knowledge about Spectrobes in general, such as tips on raising Child Spectrobes .


  • By looking at the fountain from the right angle, the bubbles floating in the air form the shape of the Disney emblem.


Spectrobes Origins - Wii Hacked Walkthrough Part 2 Krawl14:11

Spectrobes Origins - Wii Hacked Walkthrough Part 2 Krawl

A walkthrough taking place at Haven Village

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