The High Krawl are the four leaders of the Krawl army. They are second only to Krux and are assigned the task of destroying the towers in the Nanairo System. It is unknown if the high Krawl were once human or not.

High KrawlEdit

The four High Krawl are:

With the exclusion of Maja, the High Krawl have Properties that are weak against the Spectrobes you receive on the planet you fight them (i.e. Jado on Genshi, where you find Aurora Fossils). Jado is of the Flash Property, Gelberus is Corona, and Gronos is Aurora. Maja does not have a Property. Oddly, Jado remains as the Flash Property despite having absorbed the powers of the other High Krawl in the second battle with him on Malik.

When Jado returns in Spectrobes: Origins, he is of the Water Property, Origins' equivalent to the Flash Property. In his Krawl form, he retains several characteristics of the other High Krawl, such as the ability to shoot a beam of green light with the Grass Property (an attack used by Gronos, with the Grass Property being derived from the Aurora Property).