Not In Nanairo Listing
Kaio Listing #9
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マグバイパー Agubaipa
14.8 ft.
1984 lbs.
Beyond the Portals
Evolution Line
Child Adult Evolved

Hikolossa (マグバイパー Agubaipa) is an Evolved form Spectrobe of the Fire Property. It evolves from the Adult form Hikodrake, and is the Evolved form of the Child form Hiko.


Hikolossa is a Spectrobe that resembles a dinosaur. Besides the main head with a double jaw, it has 4 more heads (making 6 pairs of eyes) and numerous spikes covering his body. Two rotors emerge from its back and spin rapidly when it is awake, keeping it airborne. The flame patterns that adorn its body are taken from Hikodrake's design, and the core at its chest in its previous evolution is now shielded by jaw bone in between 4 of the 6 heads.


  • Spectrobes: Origins - "Strong-willed and powerful, this confident warrior tends to act on its own."

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

  • Strong Attack: Flame Blast - "Hikolossa sends 2 powerful whirling fireballs flying toward its enemy!"
  • Special Attack: Magma Bomb - "Hikolossa deals major damage by spewing fireballs from all three of its mouths at once!"
  • Bonus Ability: Fire Boost+ - "Decreases the Fire damage that Hikolossa and you receive from enemies and protects both of you from getting burned." (Fire property damage -!5%; Burn guard 40%)



  • Hikolossa has 13 spikes from its head to the tip of its tail, two longer ones on the minor shoulder heads, four on the arms and two more on the knees. If the claws on four other limbs are counted, Hikolossa has a total of 35 sharp appendages. However, none of them are used in combat as it is a ranged attacker.
  • Only four of its six heads are animated; those on the shoulders have no hinges and thus cannot open their mouths freely.


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