The Incubator is an area within the Lab System onboard the Patrol Cruiser where Spectrobes can be deposited for the purpose of training and evolution.

In the incubator, players can feed minerals collected throughout the gameplay to the Spectrobes to increase stats. They can also evolve the Spectrobes here. Cubes found throughout the game allow expansion of the Lab System, including the Incubator. Incremented updates include the ability to evolve Spectrobes, apply Custom Parts (except in Spectrobes: Origins) and change the terrain of the incubator to match the Spectrobe's element.

Differences Between GamesEdit


Spectrobes Incubator

Shakor and Samurite in an incubator room with the Normal property

In Spectrobes, the Incubator system is straight-forward: Spectrobes can be fed minerals to increase stats, such as HP, ATK and DEF. Child Spectrobes have a certain amount of time they must spend in the Incubator before they can evolve; on the other hand, Adult Spectrobes have to be at a certain level in addition to the first condition. If successful, evolution can be executed by selecting a Spectrobe and breaking a 'stone casing' to reveal the evolved form. Four modes of the incubator rooms are available: Normal, Corona, Aurora and Flash.

Spectrobes: Beyond the PortalsEdit


Mesa and Ryza in an incubator room with the Aurora property

In Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals, the terrains are slightly more well-defined. Most elements are similar to Spectrobes. However, Adult Spectrobes now have 3 requirements to fulfill before evolution:

  • Number of levels
  • Total battles won
  • Number of minerals eaten

The modes introduced in the first game are now called terrains, and are present in this game. One important point to note here is that Child Spectrobes in this game cannot increase their HP, ATK or DEF stats (since the game focuses on the EXP system). Also, evolving Spectrobes no longer require the action of breaking a stone casing; it happens immediately after the order is executed.


Spectrobes: OriginsEdit

Spectrobes: Origins introduced a different approach to the Incubator systems of previous games, probably due to the shifting of platforms from handheld to console gaming. Now, a room is represented (by default) as a calming beach at night, contrary to boxed compounds in the past. A platform on the far right of the area (from the entrance's point of view) serves as the site for applying the Kyptos , a element-specific training device.

Another new feature is the ability to control Rallen or Jeena directly inside the incubator. There are controls provided to drop minerals, view a Spectrobe's stats and take images using different angles.