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Gender Female
Occupation Junior Officer of NPP
Affiliation Nanairo Planetary Patrol
First Appearance Spectrobes

Jeena is a junior officer of the Nanairo Planetary Patrol and is Rallen's partner. Her specialty is information and research, and she wears an silver-colored scanner on her right hand. The scanner has an orange display and can project two screens simultaneously. It can be used to analyze just about everything. She is very clever and can fix all kinds of equipment and machinery. In Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals you can play as Jeena for the first time in research and opening special locks. In Spectrobes: Origins, you can once again play as Jeena, but in the same role as Rallen. The player has the option of going through the story as her or Rallen. Jeena is clever and can install and build devices in the Patrol Cruiser.



Jeena has bright pink hair and light blue eyes. She normally wears a white vest, blue dress and silver boots, unlike the standard NPP female uniform.


  • Jeena wasn't a Spectrobe Master until Spectrobes: Origins
  • Jeena is the first, and so far the only, Spectrobe Master whose hair isn't red.
    • She is also the only known female Spectrobe Master.
    • However, her ability to command Spectrobes may only be due to the Cosmolink, and due to being Rallen's partner.
  • Jenna's scanner is the same shape as Mickey mouse just as the fountain is on Wyterra and like Kamtogas glove is in a flashback.


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