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The Kaio star system

The Kaio system is where Spectrobes: Origins takes place. Rallen and Jeena end up here after falling into a portal.It is made up of a blue star and six planets: Wyterra (the capital planet), Doldogo, Kogoeria, Menahat, Slayso, and Bahmud. Wyterra is not unlike Kollin of the first two games, an actually resembles Earth slightly. Doldogo is a planet covered in rainforest-like vegetation. Kogoeria is an ice planet, and Menahat is all desert. Dialogue between the characters reveals that Menahat used to be the capital, similar to Wyterra, until the Great Krawl War destroyed everything. Slayso is a desolate, windy planet, only important because of a gigantic tower built long ago in memorial of the Great Krawl War. Bahmud is a volcanic planet of fire and lava.


The Kaio system was formerly full of thousands of Spectrobe Masters, until they were all killed except for a handful in the Great Krawl War. Commander Grant crash-landed in this system thirty years before the events in Spectrobes: Origins, and was friends with the last remaining Spectrobe Master of the system, named Krux.

Rallen and Jeena later go into this system as well and fight off the Krawl in the Kaio System. They face Krux and he is defeated a second time in Spectrobes: Origins.

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