Kollin is the third planet in the Nanairo system. It is an earth-like planet with two mechanical, intersecting rings built around it. The Nanairo Planetary Patrol main headquarters is located here, while the outer rings serve as a ship bay.


In Spectrobes, this is the place to go for orders from Commander Grant. Tools and recovery items can also be bought here. There are no Krawl in this area for most of the game. The Krawl here only appear once. A boss Krawl that can be found here is Gyforma.

Spectrobes: Beyond The PortalsEdit

In Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals, there are two areas you can land.

Area 1Edit

You start out in Area 1 of Kollin on Beyond The Portals. You land inside a garage in the NPP headquarters. When you start, you have to train with Dave and your Spectrobes you start out with. The Krawl here can only be found in the 2nd crisis of Kollin. No High Krawl come to this planet.

Area 2Edit

Area 2 is the place where you can see and talk to Professor Kate and Hank. Your ship will land in an area in one of Kollin's rings. You can modify your cruiser if you talk to Hank. There are many reasons you have to come to this area. There are only Krawl here when you first come here, and they are Blovas.


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