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"Komainu" is the fifth episode in the Spectrobes webisode series.


Rallen, Jeena, and Aldous discover an object in the ground and excavate a fossilized Spectrobe.


Inside their ship, Rallen and Jeena have placed Aldous's cryogenic capsule inside. Rallen offers the Prizmod back to Aldous, who takes it and releases Danawa, a Child form Spectrobe, stating that Child forms can search for buried Spectrobes, further explaining that this is when they are in their fossilized state. He then states that he would want the Prizmod back, but that what he wants does not matter and gives both the Prizmod and the Spectrobes to Rallen.

Outside, Rallen, Jeena, and Aldous are following Danawa as it searches for buried Spectrobes. Arriving at a crater, Danawa finds a Spectrobe; Rallen, using the Prizmod and a stylus that appears, digs until the Spectrobe is revealed, which Aldous reveals to be a Komainu fossil. He then tells them to hurry, stating, "with the darkness, comes the Krawl!" At that moment, several Krawl Vortexes appear before them, Rallen telling Jeena to get the others back to and prepare the ship as he fights the Krawl, and charges into the vortex. Aldous states that Rallen still has much to learn, but Jeena states that he is buying them time, and they run back to the ship.



Spectrobes Webisodes - Episode 5 Komainu02:24

Spectrobes Webisodes - Episode 5 Komainu

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