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Blova, a basic Krawl. Slow-moving but powerful.

The Krawl are amoebic-like creatures. They completely devour stars and planetary systems.
Aldous, Spectrobes.

The Krawl are the main race of evil creatures in the Spectrobes games. They are the creatures of the dark and they gain their power by darkness. They are lead by the evil Master Krux, who destroyed the star system Giorna and attacked Nanairo along with it. They often appear in black vortexes and attack about anything or anyone who challenge them.


The Krawl possibly originated in the Kaio system, where the Spectrobe Master Krux fought them. At one point, he experimented with the Krawl, where he became half-human, half-Krawl. He eventually became the ruler of the Krawl.

At one point, the Krawl destroyed the Giorna system.

He soon began sending them to the Nanairo system, where they made the system's seventh planet, Meido, a refuge. Sometime after, a Spectrobe Master named Rallen defeated the four High Krawl and fought Krux, defeating his True Dark Spectrobes with the Geo and slicing his mask in half.

Krux then planned to destroy the Kaio system, his birthplace, with a Krawlosphere. While this was happening, the High Krawl Jado went around, impersonating Krux. On Bahmud, Krux appeared, along with Jado, though Jado fell out of favor with Krux. On the Mount of Awakening, Jado fought Rallen and Jeena, only to lose to them. A Krawl invasion was about to strike Wyterra, and Rallen was able to awaken the Ultimate Form, Kaio, and destroy Jado and the invading Krawl

Inside the Krawlosphere, Rallen was able to defeat Krux again and destroy the Krawl fighting with him. Krux then fell deeper into the Krawlosphere, separated from his mask again, and Rallen destroyed the Krawlosphere by using the Ultimate Form to freeze its core.


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