A Krawlosphere is a huge mass of Krawl joined together, in the form of a almost perfectly spherical planetoid. A Krawlosphere has the destructive capability of wiping out an entire planet in a matter of minutes.

Spectrobes: Beyond the PortalsEdit

In Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals, part of Krux's plan involves forming a massive Krawlosphere, located at his base on Malik. Rallen and Jeena see it from a balcony. Later, after they defeat the High Krawl Jado, he runs to Krux and begs for a stronger form to defeat Rallen. Krux grants his wish, making Jado part of the Krawlosphere and banishing him to wandering eternally through space as the Krawlosphere.

Spectrobes: OriginsEdit


In Spectrobes: Origins, a Krawlosphere, though it isn't known if it is the same one as in Beyond the Portals, is revealed to be heading toward Wyterra. After awakening the Ultimate Form Kaio, who stops a massive armada of Krawl heading toward the planet, Rallen and Jeena fly to the Krawlosphere in order to stop Krux and destroy it. After Krux is defeated, Rallen heads to the core and summons Kaio to attack it, causing the entire Krawlosphere to freeze over and shatter, creating a ring of ice chunks around Wyterra.

Database Entry Edit

A planet-sized mass of Krawl created by Krux. Its diameter is several thousand miles long. Made of pure darkness, it is capable of immesurable destruction.

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