Fire Kyptos 3D

A Fire Kyptos

A Kyptos is a specific form of training gear available in Spectrobes: Origins. It provides a chance of raising the level of a Spectrobe.


All Kyptos have the shape of a punching bag with four spinning blades at the top. However, the logo on the bag and the overall colour theme denote the Kyptos' property. Hence, there are six types of Kyptos, one for each of the five elements and one Clear type.


The Kyptos is an item that can be used only in the Incubator, and even so, only Adult and Evolved form Spectrobes can use it. When set in its place, a selected Spectrobe attacks the Kyptos, destroying it. The Kyptos is deemed efficient if the Spectrobe levels up after the attack, but chances of failing the attempt are also present. A Kyptos works most efficiently if used with a Spectrobe of the same property.


  • When encountered by a Child Spectrobe, a Kyptos takes the shape of a white cube, hinting that it may be a consumable module that only materialises when integrated with the Lab System, much like the Incubator Expansion Cube.

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