Legendary Weapons are weapons found in Spectrobes: Origins. They are a special type of weapon infused with the power of an Evolved form Spectrobe. A Legendary Weapon can be one of the six different types of weapons in the game.

The Legendary Weapons were sealed away by Spectrobe Masters long ago. They can be found all across the Kaio system, sealed within Stone Markers. Obtaining the weapon found on the Stone Marker requires the Cosmokey.

List of Legendary WeaponsEdit

Spectrobe Weapon Location
Tekkadorax Tekka Shield Fire Ruins B3
Totsuzen Totsu Glove High Meadow
Hikolossa Hiko Cannon Inferno Heights
Torgallup Torga Lance Tree of Life
Zazanero Zaza Sword Dawn Bridge
Komadoros Koma Axe Desert Ruins 2
Leozar Leo Zapper Fire Ruins B1
Zenipyra Zeni Lance Valley of Mist
Ukazeer Uka Glove Icicle Cavern
Rydrake Ryga Sword Ice Ruins B1
Pagadori Paga Blaster Long Snowfield
Shakoblad Shaka Axe Glacier Valley
Gokazoa Goka Cannon Mt. Awakening
Zuwakrid Zuwa Glove Desert Ruins 3
Daidongu Dongu Cannon Forest Shortcut
Spikanor Spika Axe Sunny Grassland
Pepethraz Pepe Sword Desert Ruins 4
Saboquill Sabo Shield Green Ruins B1
Florami Flora Blaster Thunder Crag
Dongiga Dongiga Axe Great Desert
Shimadoros Shima Glove Pit of Ruin
Mayazerra Maya Lance Desert Ruins 5
Butobasu Buto Sword Excavation Site
Gorberus Gorb Zapper Ancient Village
Zappizor Zapp Lance Glow Moss Cave
Totegarda Tote Glove Tower 2F
Yagizora Yagi Sword Inception Hill
Aobasar Aoba Blaster Wasteland
Flamerax Flame Blaster Tower 102F
Mizusar Mizu Zapper Tower 203F
Bombzar Bombza Axe Tower 503F
Scarazook Scara Cannon Tower 802F
Optoger Opto Blaster Desert Ruins 6

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