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アルグレオン Arugureon
11.4 ft.
1300 lbs.
Beyond the Portals
Evolution Line
Child Adult Evolved
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Leo Leopuba Leozar

Leozar (アルグレオン Arugureon) is the Evolved form Spectrobe of Leo and Leopuba. It is known as being one of the title Spectrobes from Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals. Leozar is a Spectrobe of the Corona Property in Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals, and is a Spectrobe of the Fire Property in Spectrobes: Origins. It has a Dark Spectrobe counterpart in Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals, Elozar.


Leozar is a lion-like Spectrobe. It has a blade like structure located at both of his front leg, and having a face with similar to giant shell. It also has a large blade at the end of its tail, resembling a flame.


In episode 12 of the Spectrobes Webisodes, Rallen sends out a Rydrake and a Leozar against Maja, who faces them with her own Pinorska. Rallen attacks the Dark Spectrobe with his own, but Leozar and Rydrake are easily overpowered.

Later, in episode 14, Rallen again faces Maja's Pinorska with Rydrake and Leozar, with the same results. However, thanks to Jeena giving the Spectrobes Customized Parts, they are able to defeat Pinorska.


  • Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals - "This lone wolf with a kingly manner has a howl that scares off enemies"
  • Spectrobes: Origins - "This lone wolf with a kingly manner has a howl that slices through the enemy."

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

Spectrobes: Beyond the PortalsEdit

  • Normal: Charges forward, ramming anything in front of it.
  • CH Attack: Leoruption - "Shoots a fiery beam from its imposing body at enemies in the distance"

Spectrobes: OriginsEdit

  • Strong Attack: Fire Spear - "Leozar lowers the ring around its head, ignites, and then delivers a fiery spin attack!"
  • Special Attack:burning beam - "Leozar roars as it shoots a fiery laser beam straight ahead!"
  • Bonus Ability: Attack Up+ - "Increases both Leozar and your ATK during battles." (ATK +50%)


Custom PartsEdit

  • Attack: Leodurk (Leozar Gouka) - Replaces the rings structures with swords
  • Defense: Leowin (Leozar Dragos) - Replaces the rings with inward-facing blades

Custom ColorsEdit

  • Normal: Orange
  • Custom Color 1: Yellow
  • Custom Color 2: Red



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