Lost Memo

A Lost Memo.

Lost Memos are data files that the previous Spectrobe Master of the Kaio system recorded notes on. They are recorded on a device resembling a floppy disk known as a Lost Disk, which contains several memos. As they are quite old, no one in the system knows how to use them. Lost Memos can be viewed by pressing the 2 Button when not in a battle, and each tells about something that can be found in specific area on a planet, such as mineral deposits, Spectrobe fossils, and Legendary Weapons.

Lost Disks can be acquired by talking to people when they have a blue exclamation mark over their heads. While this does not always mean that they have one, there will always be a mark if they do have one. Not all Lost Memos are available at the beginning of the game; they will be unlocked as certain objectives are completed. There are thirty Lost Memos in the entire game.

It is important to note that if a Spectrobe fossil is hinted in the Lost Memo, it can only be obtained once from that area.

List of Lost MemosEdit

Obtained From
1 Master's Cave interior Inception Hill "In the area surrounding Sanctum Ruins, I discovered the fossil of a Spectrobe. It's a powerful fighter, with a golden yellow body that matches absolutely perfectly its Fire property."
2 NPC at Forest Shortcut entrance Excavation Site "I heard the most peculiar rumor from the blacksmith of Haven Village. He told me that there was something shining in a pond at the excavation site behind the village. Perhaps a Spectrobe of the Water property could reveal it if the rumor is true."
Note: Hints at the Zeni fossil
3 NPC in Verdant Village after defeating Drilzon Dawn Bridge "I spied a pair of very rare twin Spectrobes on a hill with a view of a waterfall near the Dawn Bridge. They have a nearly unstoppable co-op attack unlike any Spectrobe I have ever seen."
Note: Hints at the Tobasu fossil
4 NPC on bridge to Dawn Bridge Sunny Grassland "The name Sunny Grassland comes from the golden sunlight that pours down onto a massive tree. It is said that through this tree, the power of the sky is channeled into the earth."
5 NPC in the Stuffed Belly Valley of Mist "Upon examining the ground scarred by Grant's landing, my Sky-property Child Form found a large mineral deposit. It's as if the power of the sky was suddenly awakened by the impact of his crashing ship."
6 Fisherman in Verdant Village Ancient Village "Legend says that there once lived many Spectrobe Masters in the ancient village by the base of the mountain. I went there and found a note left behind from ages past which stated a fossil was hidden somewhere in the village, but alas, I was unable to find it."
7 Salia after receiving Cosmokey from Kamtoga Mt. Awakening "The massive volume of Sky power emitted from the summit of Mt. Awakening flows down to the mountain's base. There the energy collects and is transformed into minerals at a certain spot on a narrow trail branching from the road to the mountain."
8 Kamtoga after equipping Legendary Weapon Forest Shortcut "On the path to the Tree of Life I have discovered a hidden path well hidden in the green. Beyond the hidden path is an area that appeared to be of no significance, that is until I went there with a Spectrobe of the Plant property."
9 NPC in Kamtoga's Camp Tree of Life "I found a Spectrobe fossil by the Tree of Life. The Spectrobe's horn is as sharp as a razor and as powerful as a hammer. No doubt this tough fighter will aid me in battle."
10 Neal at Desert Ruins 3 Serenity Woods "It is said that the blue umbrella-shaped tree in Serenity Woods has the power to nurture living creatures. Perhaps that is why young creatures are often found sleeping under its branches. I wonder if there are ever Spectrobes among them..."
11 NPC in Dyrus' Camp Triple Falls "I heard a strange rumor from the people of Verdant Village. It seems a rare cactus has been discovered near Triple Falls. But what is far more interesting are the reports from people claiming they saw the cactus move."
Note: Hints at the Sabo fossil
12 Scout at Tower 2F after gaining access to Bahmud Thunder Crag "There seems to be no end to the variety of plant life found on Doldogo. near the river that flows under Thunder Crag sightings of strange "flying grass" have been reported. I must investigate whether this grass can indeed fly."
Note: Hints at the Hananomi fossil
13 Neal in Kamtoga's Camp after gaining access to the Krawlosphere Glow Moss Cave "I happened to discover a small, hidden passage inside Glow Moss Cave. Beyond the passage I found the fossil of a Water property Spectrobe that is well protected by a layer of hard armor. It's a clever Spectrobe and a very useful addition to my team."
14 High Meadow "There's a spot in the flowerbed of the high meadow on Doldogo in which the sun rays point downward, as if to feed the plants with their energy. Plant-property Spectrobes in particular like this area."
15 Long Snowfield "Remains of the ancients' civilization have even been found upon a frozen wasteland. The Spectrobe that protected them has been found there, too. It had an ultra-powerful blade that could allegedly cut through any material known to humankind."
Note: Hints at the Shakin fossil
16 Ice Cavern "Legend tells of a child of the snow that plays hide-and-seek in a cave on the planet Kogoeria. But no one has ever actually seen what it is. Upon entering the cave, I did sense a presence I could only describe as cold air, but I discovered nothing else."
Note: Hints at the Paga fossil
17 Frozen Cave "Frozen Cave is deadly cold, even when compared to other locations on Kogoeria. But even deep in its depths, there is a place where light shines. There, the power of pure crystal clear water gathers and it is said this water is a true boon for Spectrobes."
18 Icicle Cavern "There is a crevasse in Icicle Cavern that is so deep no one knows what lies in its depths. But the Water-property Spectrobes on Kogoeria have highly honed senses. They have detected something buried on the other size of the chasm."
19 Shining Plaza "I encountered a Water-property Spectrobe at Shining Plaza in front of the Ice Ruins. It was a proud warrior that wields blinding speed as its weapon. I suspect it has been guarding these ruins since ancient times."
Note: Hints at the Ryza fossil
20 Pit of Ruin "The Pit of Ruin is an enormous crater with a diameter stretching several miles long. And right were the valley leading to the desert can be seen dead ahead from the crater, I found a large mineral deposit."
21 Great Desert "In a corner of the Great Desert lies a mysterious ancient ruin known as the Ancient Lock. I can't help but wonder if this ruin has anything to do with the energy stored up in the area in front of it. Earth-property Spectrobes have a strong reaction there."
22 Desert Ruins 2 "It is said that an ancient spirit haunts the colored-panel puzzle room in the second set of ruins. While there, I sensed something behind me, but when I turned to look, all I saw was a face-like rock. There was also a gap there through which light shined."
23 Desert Ruins 3 "I discovered an Earth-property Spectrobe in the revolving room located in the third set of ruins. Its massive body was like a mountain. With every step it rocks the earth, and its mighty stomps crush all in its path."
Note: Hints at the Dongor fossil
24 Desert Ruins 4 "I encountered an Earth-property Spectrobe in the room from which the sloped path leads in the fourth set of ruins. It is said to be the fiercest and most unruly warrior ever, but I believe it might prove to be a trusty ally."
25 Wasteland "It is said that noble birds once gracefully flew around the soaring tower on Slayso back in ancient times. These masters of the wind used their giant wings to stir up whirlwinds that defeated their enemies."
26 Tower 1F "I discovered a Sky-property Spectrobe in the wall-painting room located in Slayso's Tower. Its eyes scan the ground from the distant sky, and none of its foes can escape its huge claws. This sky hunter would be a real threat to the Krawl."
27 Inferno Heights "There is a symbol drawn on the ground in front of the entrance to the Fire Ruins on Bahmud. Fire-property Spectrobes will suddenly stop when they get to the center of it. It is said there is something there, but I have yet to discover what."
28 Fire Ruins 1F "A long-lost legend discovered in an ancient tome tells of a Spectrobe that slumbers in the exact center of two wall paintings in the fire ruins. It is said to be a valiant king of fire that once defended the ruins back in ancient times."
29 Fire Ruins B1 "I encountered a Fire-property Spectrobe in the Fire Ruins that was not the least bit fazed by lava shooting out of a crater. It was a hot-blooded fighter that incinerated its foes with the red-hot flames streaming from its body."
30 Fire Ruins B2 "I heard the roar of a Spectrobe from an inner room in the very depths of the Fire Ruins. But a river of lava prevented me from reaching it. My only hope is that the lava flow will change its course over time."


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